By Carolyn Parr and Sig Cohen

Learn how to help your family address the necessary legal hurdles and emotional difficulties that arise as parents age. Covering relationships, emotions, and dignity with practical and spiritual insights, this book will help to ensure that aging parents are protected — along with the other relationships in your family. Written by two professional long-time family mediators, Love’s Way will teach you:

  • How to address family issues such as unhealed sibling rivalries, parental favoritism, greed, and secrecy
  • How to navigate all the necessary legal documents such as wills and powers of attorney
  • How to promote forgiveness in your family and in your own heart
  • How to speak truth in love to parents, siblings, and children
  • How to let go and heal any family rifts

Whether you have parents reaching their final years, you’re a caretaker or family mediator, or you are an aging parent yourself, Love’s Way gives you the tool to keep parents safe family love intact.

Carolyn Miller Parr and Sig Cohen

Hendrickson Publishers Publishers, LLC

Family & Relationships / Eldercare

ISBN 978-1-68307-195-2